Silvy CooN
The Maine Coon cat
The Maine Coon is a half long haired cat of North American origin (state of Maine).
The Maine Coon cat is the largest and most powerful among the feline races and his average weight is 7-9 kgs for males and 4-6 for females.
This mole has no limits, however, his agility and his innate vitality.
It is a great hunter and an excellent climber (high points are often choose to relax), docile character, known to be very affectionate and sociable.
This cat has a weak voice, emitting a tipical mewing.
The coat of this cat can be of various colours: brown, silver or tabby.
The linx is remembered for the presence of tufts of hair between their fingers and on the top of the ears.
According to the legend, this cat seems to be a cross between a cat and a racoon.
Among the theories about its origin, the most truthful seems to be the one that traders navigators brought to north America an European cat, that later grew wild.
In Italy the Maine Coon appeared in 1986 and is spreading with great success.