Silvy CooN
The breeding
Our breeding is located in the protected area of the regional Park of Montevecchia and Curone Valley, in the green heart of Brianza.
The most important goal of our breeding is the research of physical and mental well-being of our cats.  Their health is the subject of special attention and cats are subject to constant veterinary visits.
Our cats are:
- HCM tested
- FIV and FeLV negative
- subjected to periodic heart screening
Each race is distinguished by its character: the Maine Coon cats are proud but at the same time sweet, sociable, talkative and affectionate, but let us not forget that every cat, just like every human being, has its own personality and its own requirements that must be respected.
For this reason we limit the feline exhibitions to what is strictly necessary, so as not to create stress for the cats.
Our cats live both inside and outside in a protected and well equipped area with tents, cat’s bed and a small pool.
Pregnant females and after they become mothers live in the nursery until the kittens are a month old. From this moment onwards the kittens become part of the family and have our whole house at their disposal.
Around 5 months of age the kittens reach their new homes dewormed, with two vaccinations and their health cards.